Looking For DDoS Protected VPS


We are looking for a provider with good Uptime and DDoS Protection.

Please send Uptime image in Comments or private message

Our preference is to have Discord or Whatsapp support

Our choice is OVH Game (France or Germany)

We will install Teamspeak.

Features we are looking for :

1-2GB Ram
1-2 Cpu
DDoS Protected
High uptime

If OVH Game will provide it, it would be better if we can allow Ports through their Site (For TeamSpeak)

If you are looking for a hosting that offers VPS with Anti-DDOS protection then lvlup is perfect for you.
Lvlup rents servers from OVH and then resells them.

Uptime of the servers is pretty good, you can check it here: https://monitor.lvlup.pro/

Check out this offer:

In the customer panel you can manage the UDP ports firewall.

I hope I cleared up all your doubts :smiley:

It costs too much and I don’t think I can get support in an emergency.

A ticketing system is available in the customer panel. There you can report any problems with your VPS.

Just look BungeeCloud if your budget is very poor but their support is average.
I don’t know any provider who providing support by discord or whatsapp directly, maybe only hindu hostings :rofl:

If your budget is more than 3-5 euros look Avoro, they providing good services with anty ddos service maybe better than OVH , but it’s small company and they more care about client.

Is there a company you can recommend?

You can try: